Foreign Students at Czech Schools

Foreign Students at Czech Schools


Many foreign students study at universities and high schools in the Czech Republic. If they want to study for free, they must pass entrance exams in the Czech language, as well as applicants from the Czech Republic. The criterion for admission to school is therefore not nationality, but knowledge of the Czech language and successful passing of exams. The Slovaks are an exception. Based on agreements between the Czech Republic and Slovakia, they have the opportunity to complete their entire studies in Slovak free of charge. Applicants from other countries who do not speak Czech can pay to participate in specialized study programs accredited in English offered by some universities. Another group of foreigners are those who came here as part of various exchange programs or scholarships.


The Czech Republic and individual universities support and welcome the interest of foreign students, including the interest of those who do not pay for their studies and the school therefore has no extra income from them. Experience has shown that students, after returning to their country of origin, have a positive view of the host country in their later lives, which can have a significant impact on foreign relations, tourism and trade. Let’s try to look at foreign students from another, not very mentioned, but still interesting perspective. Namely from a demographic and labor market perspective.

According to a survey by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MLSA), over 420,000 workers are missing from the Czech labor market in 2030. One of the tools for slowing down the demographic decline is to attract (educated) foreigners. In some developed countries, active immigration projects have been taking place for decades (eg Canada). Their main goal is to attract foreign experts who will settle permanently in the country with their families. In the Czech Republic, such a program was launched on a pilot basis in 2003 under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.


In addition to citizens of selected countries, foreign graduates of universities and secondary schools in the Czech Republic, regardless of their country of origin, can also join the project “Selection of Qualified Workers from Abroad” (more about the project at: Those interested in joining this program must meet certain criteria (eg age, education, language skills, employment in the Czech Republic). If they are included in the project, they will get a permanent residence in the Czech Republic together with their families in two and a half years. It is the graduates of schools in the Czech Republic who are in many respects very suitable candidates for this program. Most of them speak Czech fluently, they are educated, they have already built a certain social and sometimes material background. They are familiar with the local environment and cultural contexts and traditions, they are able to find a job, they simply can live with us and integrate. There is a huge potential for foreign students. Let’s pamper them.

Martin Janoušek, IOM collaborator of the International Organization for Migration

“Active selection of qualified workers from abroad”

  • Possibility to apply for a permanent residence permit in a short period of time after 2.5 years of work and life in the Czech Republic .
  • The nearest family members can get a permanent residence together with the project participants .
  • Project participants will receive a 30-day protection period in the Czech Republic to find a new job , if they did not lose the previous job through their own fault. They will not lose their visa during this period and their stay in the Czech Republic will not be interrupted.
  • Although the Czech Republic does not provide employment or accommodation for project participants, those interested have the opportunity to use the free internet application , on which Czech employers can place vacancies .
  • The project is currently open for:
    • citizens of Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Serbia and Montenegro and Ukraine.
    • Czech university graduates from all over the world (with the exception of students in the field of development aid) who graduated in 1995 or later.
    • graduates of Czech secondary schools from all over the world who graduated with a high school diploma, graduation certificate or apprenticeship certificate in 2000 or later.
  • Applicants must have at least a high school diploma
  • Applicants must independently obtain legal employment in the Czech Republic
  • Applicants must achieve a minimum of 25 points in a computerized selection procedure that takes into account a set of criteria (qualifications, experience, languages, family, etc.)

Detailed information about the project, including the application, can be obtained in all language versions corresponding to the countries for which the project is open, on its website

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