The pilot project was created on the basis of the following resolutions of the Government of the Czech Republic:

  • No. 975 of September 26, 2001 ;
  • No. 720 of July 10, 2002 ;
  • No 340 of 14 April 2004 ;
  • No 394 of 6 April 2005 ;
  • No 1377 of 26 October 2005;
  • No. 431 of April 19, 2006 ;
  • No 538 of 23 May 2007 .

Legal disclaimer

The information on this website does not create any rights and cannot be invoked in case of any disputes within the implementation of the pilot project “Selection of qualified foreign workers”. The only authentic information about the pilot project are official official documents approved by the government of the Czech Republic. The implementation of the pilot project is governed by these documents and the valid legal order of the Czech Republic. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs reserves the right to change the information on this site at any time without prior notice.

Official communication

The project is set up to protect its participants as much as possible. Valid and authoritative information regarding your participation in the project must come exclusively from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic, labor offices, the Aliens and Border Police of the Czech Republic, embassies and the International Organization for Migration. The project does not count on any intermediaries, and if any intermediary addresses you in this regard, even if it is protected by contact with the ministry or the foreigner and border police, it is not its official activity within the project!