Documents to prove the online application for the pilot project “Selection of qualified foreign workers”

Mandatory documents to support the application for the pilot project:

  1. Valid travel document, certifying the applicant’s identification data and belonging to the given destination state.
  2. Visa for a stay of more than 90 days for the purpose of employment or a long-term residence permit for the purpose of employment.
  3. Current work permit in the Czech Republic issued by the locally competent labor office (with the exception of the work permit issued pursuant to Section 89 of Act No. 435/2004 Coll., On Employment).
  4. Current employment contract or other written confirmation of the existence of an employment relationship in the Czech Republic signed by the employer with the exact date of commencement of employment.
  5. Certificate of final examinations, certifying the achievement of the appropriate level of education (eg graduation certificate, university diploma, etc.), translated into Czech (translation into Czech does not apply to foreign graduates of Czech high schools and universities).
  6. Evidence of previous employment (job reports, work books, employer’s confirmation stating the exact duration of the employment) with regard to the country of origin translated into Czech. This is a criterion of the so-called work experience and in order to enter the pilot project it is necessary to prove the six-month duration of any full-time employment in any country from the period preceding the beginning of the current work permit in the Czech Republic. It can be one or more months of work experience or more than at least six months. This point is not mandatory for foreign graduates of Czech universities and secondary schools.
  7. Passport format photos.

Optional documents which, if substantiated, increase the applicant’s score:

  1. Evidence of knowledge of the language (s) listed in the language proficiency section (eg state examination certificate, proof of completion of a language course, proof of completion of an attestation in the Czech language, etc.).
  2. Evidence of previous residence in the Czech Republic (employment contracts, credit certificates, confirmation from the employer stating the exact duration of the employment relationship, trade license).
  3. Spouse’s documents – the same documents are required as for the applicant in points 1 to 8, if such documents exist and if you require the inclusion of your spouse’s points in your point evaluation.
  4. Applicant ‘s children over the age of 18 – certificate of study.

All documents you submit must be genuine and the information contained in them must be up to date. If you submit forged or false documents, you will be permanently excluded from the pilot project. Of course, all data must be easy to read.

Please also note that all documents submitted by you must be (unless otherwise stated below) in the form of a notarized copy of the document provided with an official translation into the Czech language under the law of the Czech Republic (court translation) or under the law of your country.

If you intend to include your immediate family (spouse, minors and dependent children) in your application for a permanent residence permit after 2.5 years or 1.5 years, then you are required to provide proof of your marital status.