Procedure of a foreigner in obtaining employment in the Czech Republic

The basic precondition for entering the pilot project is legal employment in the Czech Republic. A foreigner may perform work in the Czech Republic provided that he or she has a valid work permit and a valid residence visa for the purpose of employment .

At the moment when the employer receives a permit to obtain employees from abroad from a locally competent labor office in the Czech Republic, the foreigner must apply to the same labor office for a work permit for the job for which the employer has the above permit, usually before his arrival in the Czech Republic.
However, he may be represented in the proceedings by the employer or another representative authorized by him, on the basis of and within the scope of the written power of attorney. As soon as a foreigner has applied for a work permit, he or she can apply for a residence visa for the purpose of employment
at the embassy of the Czech Republic in his / her country .

In addition, since October 2005, the possibility of obtaining a visa for a stay of more than 90 days for the purpose of employment has been simplified so that the administrative visa procedure is carried out at the same time as the employment permit procedure . An alien who does not yet have a work permit may now only submit the number of the application for a work permit with the information with which he / she applied for such a permit to the application for a visa for a stay of more than 90 days for the purpose of employment .

Details can be found here:
permit Residence permit

How to look for a job in the Czech Republic


A special internet application is available for foreigners looking for work in the Czech Republic. You can place your CV at , which will be immediately accessible to employers in the Czech Republic. This page also offers foreigners the opportunity to search the database of vacancies in the Czech Republic. The database uses information from all labor offices in the Czech Republic. The search on this page is set up to automatically select places suitable for foreigners, ie those vacancies for which the employer has permission to obtain foreigners and which is willing to fill foreigners. Everything is free .


2. Labor offices

At the same time, every foreigner can search for a vacancy in the database of employment offices in the Czech Republic. Labor offices register vacancies throughout the Czech Republic. Vacancies are posted on official notice boards in the offices of labor offices ( addresses of labor offices ) or published on the Internet on the website .

3. Intermediary agencies (legal, with MLSA license)

At the same time, every foreigner can use the services of mediation agencies that are authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic. Their valid and updated list is at . Here it is necessary to search in the list of those agencies that have a license to mediate employment to foreigners – in the Subject of permit section, check the second box from above (In the Czech Republic – foreigners according to § 60 / 1b) and click on SEARCH .

Neither the agency nor the employment office may demand any payment from the foreigner applying for employment. Nor may he demand any deductions from his possible future salary or other remuneration for the work performed.
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4. Other entities

At the same time, every foreigner can use other sources to look for a job, such as private advertisements published in the media or electronic media. For example , here is a list of some of the entities that publish vacancies