Point system

Like a few other countries in the world that have an active migration policy, the Czech Republic selects among those interested in immigrating to the Czech Republic on the basis of points.

The Government of the Czech Republic regularly announces binding scoring criteria according to their importance for the selection of the most suitable foreign experts and for their successful integration into society.

A number of factors are important for successful integration into society. These are taken into account in the selection criteria.

In the pilot project, you will therefore be evaluated according to the following criteria

  • age,
  • employment in the Czech Republic,
  • previous work experience,
  • acquired education,
  • experience of living in the Czech Republic,
  • language skills,
  • and will also be taken into account by your family.

Based on the facts stated in your application and which have been substantiated by credible documents, a specialized computer program will prepare your score. Points are therefore awarded on the basis of objective facts and no human factor interferes in the whole process.

The criteria and their point evaluation are shown in the following overview table.

For some criteria (employment, work experience and educational attainment) you must obtain a certain minimum number of points. Without it, you cannot be included in the project.

In order to be selected in the pilot project and to be able to enjoy all the benefits and entitlements resulting from participating in it, you must obtain at least 25 out of a maximum of 66 points.

If you do not get 25 points, you will not be excluded from the computer database of those interested in joining the pilot project. You may supplement your education or language skills over time to earn a few more points and exceed the required 25 points.

Table of points system criteria

Criteria Max Calculation of points
Employment 6
  • During the first year from the date of validity of the work permit with which the applicant submits an application for the project, 1 point will be awarded for every two months of validity of the work permit
Work experience 12
  • 1 point for every six months of any full-time employment completed before the date of validity of the work permit with which the applicant submits an application for the project
  • * Minimum work experience is not required for high school and university graduates
1 *
Educational attainment 15
  • 2 points for completed secondary vocational education
  • 2 points for completed upper secondary education
  • 2 points for completed upper secondary vocational education
  • 2 points for completed higher professional education
  • 3 points for a completed university bachelor’s degree program
  • 4 points for a completed university master’s degree program
  • 4 points for the completed doctoral study program
Age 8
  • 4 points under 23 years of age, 8 points from 23 to 35 years of age and then one point less for each year
Previous experience with life in the Czech Republic 6
  • 1 point for every documented 6 months spent continuously in the Czech Republic before selection in the selection procedure
Language skills 9
  • 6 points for an official document proving knowledge of the Czech or Slovak language
  • 3 points for an official document proving knowledge of English, French or German
Family evaluation 10
  • Up to 6 points for the evaluation of the spouse according to the formula PB / 56, where PB is the number of points that the spouse obtained according to the standard calculation, taking into account other selection criteria (employment, work experience, education, age, previous experience) life in the Czech Republic and language skills) maximum 56 points
  • 2 points for each of the applicant’s minor or adult dependent children, but no more than 6 points

If you reach the minimum of 25 points, it is still necessary to meet the basic Entry Conditions in order to be accepted into the project