Bulgaria Has Abandoned the Pilot Project

Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union is a historic event that is changing the country’s status as well as the position of its citizens in other EU Member States. The citizens of Bulgaria are now receiving the most favorable regime. From the first day after joining the EU, they can move freely within the entire European Union, have access to the labor markets of all member states, will be treated as Czech citizens in practically all areas of everyday life and are subject to the principle of non-discrimination.

The only restriction on their rights may be the introduction of a transitional period for the free movement of workers, which is a political decision of the governments of the current EU Member States. In the case of the Czech Republic, a transitional period has not been introduced; Bulgarian citizens with EU accession can move in the Czech Republic according to the rules of free movement of workers.

Citizens of Bulgaria can (as well as citizens of other EU member states) after three months in the Czech Republic apply to the Aliens Police Department for a document confirming the stay of an EU citizen in the Czech Republic (this document is only a certificate for EU citizens). however, its measures can be recommended for everyday use, especially contact with the authorities).

The aim of the Pilot Selection of Skilled Foreign Workers project has been the integration of skilled workers and their families from third countries (ie countries outside the European Union) from the very beginning. With the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union, this objective cannot be met for the reasons of the citizens of the newly acceded state for objective reasons, and therefore they cannot be granted permanent residence for third-country nationals after 2.5 years.

For the above reasons, as of the date of Bulgaria’s accession to the EU – 1 January 2007, nationals of this country were excluded from the pilot project Selection of Qualified Foreign Workers (in accordance with Government Resolution No. 431/2006).

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