Accepting Relevant Contributions

We’ve decided to open up the blog section of our websites to contributors. We’re interested in articles about immigration. Those focusing on immigration to Czech, or resources about that process are our first preference. In other words build on the materials we already have here. We are also open to updating the historical perspective we offer here. Our expectation then is relevant contributions.

Lastly, we are considering articles that discuss why Czechs leave their country and migrate elsewhere, and resources that would help them with that. We were wondering the destinations that Czechs choose, and the difficulties confronting them on migrating. Our research regarding the Czech diaspora indicates that the country with the greatest number of Czechs is the United States. So emigration to the United States works as a relevant topic for a contribution.

If you have something you want to contribute, let us know. Only articles fitting the criteria outlined above will be acknowledged. Relevant submissions that include information on compensation for our time and effort are greatly appreciated.

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