(see  Application for a work permit – for an extension of employment )

The application contains:

  • identification data of the foreigner (ie name, or names, surnames, or surname, citizenship, birth number or date and place of birth, if no birth number has been assigned, residence);
  • the address in the country of residence and the address for delivery of consignments;
  • the number of the travel document and the name of the authority that issued the travel document;
  • identification data of the future employer (name, registered office, identification number);
  • kind of work;
  • the place of employment and the period for which the employment should be performed;
  • possibly other data necessary for the performance of the job.



The foreigner attaches to the application:

  • a photocopy of the page of the travel document containing the basic identification data of the foreigner;
  • the statement of the employer that he will employ the foreigner ( see the  statement of the employer . );
  • an officially certified copy of the certificate of professional competence for the field in which the foreigner will work in the Czech Republic (apprenticeship certificate, graduation certificate, diploma of completion of university studies, etc.);
  • a medical certificate of the alien’s state of health, which must not be older than one month;
  • other documents, if this follows from the nature of the employment or if it is stipulated by a promulgated international agreement, the ratification of which was approved by the Parliament of the Czech Republic and by which the Czech Republic is bound.

Attachments in foreign languages ​​shall be submitted in the original version or their officially certified copies together with their official translation into the Czech language.


In accordance with the Act on Administrative Fees, the submission of an application by a foreigner for the issuance of a work permit is subject to an administrative fee of CZK 500 (see item 9 letter c / annex).


  • it contains the identification data of the foreigner, the place of work, the type of work, the identification data of the employer with whom the foreigner will perform employment, the period for which he / she is issued and other data necessary for the performance of employment;
  • it is non-transferable and is issued for a limited period, but not exceeding one year; a foreigner may apply for a work permit repeatedly;
  • for seasonal workers employed in activities dependent on the alternation of seasons, it is issued for a maximum period of six months in a calendar year and may be issued repeatedly, provided that a period of at least six months elapses between individual jobs;
  • it is valid only for employment with the employer specified in the decision; it also applies to the type and place of work. If certain conditions specified in this permit are to be changed in the period before the expiry of the work permit, the foreigner must apply to the locally competent labor office for the issue of a new work permit ;
  • is required for all employment relationships within the meaning of the Labor Code performed by a foreigner in the territory of the Czech Republic, ie employment, secondary employment, employment agreement and employment agreement, even if these employment relationships coincide.