What the Project Offer

In the modern world, everything is in motion. Millions are leaving their home countries for better jobs in other countries. The demand is mainly for qualified professionals who apply their knowledge and experience around the world. More and more of them are coming and staying permanently in the Czech Republic, a country with a high quality of life and good potential for further development.

The pilot project “Selection of Qualified Foreign Workers” represents a dynamically developing component of the Czech active migration policy. It supports the arrival of foreign experts together with their families in the Czech Republic, gives them the opportunity to obtain permanent residence in a significantly shorter time than others and creates the conditions for their rapid and successful integration into society without requiring them to renounce their cultures, customs or language.

Why the Czech Republic at all?

The Czech Republic is a developed democratic country with a market economy, a member of the European Union, NATO and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The standard of living in the Czech Republic is high, in the evaluation of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in 2005 it was in 31st place out of 177 countries around the world. Czech society is not a xenophobic society and appreciates everyone who earns a decent living.

Possibility of obtaining permanent residence

According to the valid law, a foreigner may apply for a permanent residence permit after five years of continuous residence in the Czech Republic.

However, the pilot project gives qualified professionals the opportunity to apply for permanent residence after only two and a half years. Permanent residence will bring you a number of rights and open up the opportunity to fully participate in society. You will gain access to all social benefits and benefits, you will be able to move freely on the Czech labor market, you will be able to buy or rent real estate freely and you will get a number of other benefits and entitlements.

Family? Sure!

The pilot project is aimed at supporting the arrival of qualified foreign workers. But life in the Czech Republic would not be complete without your loved ones. We count on this and support the arrival of whole families. Immigration with your wife or husband and children is a matter of course!

Above-standard protection in case of job loss

A foreigner can stay in the Czech Republic only if the purpose of his stay lasts. Therefore, if he is employed in the Czech Republic and loses his job, he also automatically loses the right of residence.

However, the pilot project gives qualified foreign experts a 30-day protection period. If you lose your job due to reasons independent of your will, you still have thirty days when, in cooperation with labor offices and with their help, you can find a new job and stay in the Czech Republic.

Everything is free!

Admission to the project is completely free, no administrative fees are charged. However, you must take into account the certain costs of court translations or notarization of the documents necessary to apply for the project.

And of course a friendly approach!

The Czech Republic values ​​foreign experts and tries to prepare suitable living conditions for them and their families. Therefore, the Czech authorities and institutions should treat you as a participant in the pilot project in a friendly and above-standard manner. A specialized administrative office has been set up in Prague for those interested in joining the project, where we are ready to answer questions and provide you with the necessary contacts to all authorities.